Leaf Mister

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Misters attract a wide variety of birds and are particularly appealing to smaller species, such as hummingbirds. They are most effective when set up to wet foliage of a nearby shrub or tree. Birds can leaf bathe by rubbing against the wet foliage.

The misters have an adjustable flow rate that can be adjusted down to about 1 gallon of water per hour. An optional timer can be used to control the times of day the mister is used.

The Leaf-Mister is easy to set up. Simply attach the mist nozzle to a low limb, branch or stake and point it toward easily viewed foliage. Then run the supplied 1/4 in tubing to an outdoor faucet and connect with the provided Y valve.

Each unit includes includes 50 ft. of small black tubing, all necessary connectors, Y valve to permit use of garden hose and mister at the same time and complete instructions.

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